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What’s funny about this scene from Die Hard 3, is that where this was filmed(136th and Lennox?) in NYC, is right by where I’ll be staying this weekend. I can’t wait. 

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"Where the hell are you goin’, McClane?! I told you 9th Avenue is the quickest way south!"

Fucking classic

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What is it with Starpoint girls fucking with my head? Last time that’s happening…don’t have time for any shenanigans…alright?

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Bought a 2 man inflatable raft…
Long story short…it will be used in an upcoming Navy SEALS-like operation…more details will come later

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New “About Me”:

Pathetic 19 year old male
Good at nothing
Can’t save money
No car
No girl
No style
Shit summer jobs

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If there’s anyone that should drink themselves to death it should be me

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It’s like the photo from Back to the Future…the picture of us sitting at the bar tonight is fading away as time goes on

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Dammit, I wanna go to Canada tonight

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This Twitter thread is a thing of genius. While shining an important spotlight on the situation in Ukraine

Maybe the greatest sequences of Tweets ever

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#Beefy #BubbleBath

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No it’s alright, I like to talk to myself on here…
I forget that Tumblr isn’t like Twitter. Who knows why I even still have a blog

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So I ended up eating lunch by myself today at my favorite lunch spot…but I couldn’t taste anything because I brushed my teeth twice and used mouthwash…negative tastebud action

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Figures…knew it was too good to be true. Unbelievable. I just can’t win, ever.

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Like we had plans and then you make new ones…pretty much ruined my day. I did so much to make this happen…unfuckingreal

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